Random thoughts for useless mind!

This, I am writing out of pure boredom and have no relevance to my life or WHATSOEVER.

Have you ever felt ignored by the person you thought who could be “THE ONE” for you? Yet you are unsure whether that person is “THE ONE”. The more you think, the more you want him/her. Just the thought of having his/her love and attention makes you feel so giddy and happy that you can choke and die out of your pure silliness. But somehow it never happens. So what do you do?

Forget him/her?

Start avoiding him/her so that he/she might start paying more attention to you?

Or start choking him with all the attentions you can ever gather in your life without any embarrassment?

What would a normal person do? What would a very shy person do? There are so many “what would  (blank) person do in this conjured situation?

One of my friend befriended this person and became very close. Close enough to make her want to date him. Although I m not sure whether he reciprocated her feelings. She have become so desperate of that person’s attention that she have started to lose her normal self. It was becoming almost unbearable for me to watch. As attentive I have always been to people’s behavior and reactions, I tried putting myself in her shoes to feel the need and desire what she’s going through now. To be honest, it doesn’t feel nice. I feel a hole in my stomach and feels as though it is sinking in deeper. If this person is THE PERSON I could ever want in my life then I have the need to have him. A need to make him mine before anyone does. A need to feel my love being reciprocated.

But my friend tells me that he is a Gemini. I m not very sure about the Gemini male dude straits but I’m quite familiar with the dudettes ( I do believe in the horoscope-ic straits). So as I have experience, Gemini people have split personalities. I m not stating that it’s a MPD kind of straits but they do tend to have dual characters. They are charming, smooth-talkers and a great companion( as friend as well as a lover). So the bad part is when the other character sets in. Gemini-an can be the worst of friend and lover as well.

And I’m no Linda Goodman to pass any judgment or say what I’m saying are true. All of the above statements are out of sheer experience and observation of my Gemini friends. Now let’s get to the point. What would I do in her situation? And I know it is easier said than done but if you don’t give a try then how will you know it is hard.

If I know that this person is what I really want, what I really need to be with, what I think may be “the one”, what could actually make you really happy, then….


  1. I’ll tell him of my feelings. If he feels the same about me then great then if he doesn’t … well, I guess I have to try and move on. That’s the only thing you can do when you get rejected. Even if you are an extremely shy person, telling him you feelings are way better than waiting for him to make a move. You’re not asking him to be your boyfriend. You’re just telling him that you have this strong attraction towards him. And that’s all.
  2. Even if he feels the same way, I’ll try to find out whether he is true with his feelings.
  3. Before jumping into the relation it is always better to find out more about the person. Never harmed anybody I know.
  4. Lastly, be yourself.